Ceilings breath new life when the right touch of elegance is applied to them. Being a modern or classical finish, the right ceiling will complement your furnishings and create just the right space.


Gypsum in Malta is used frequently to carve spaces in your existing rooms. Large rooms can be divided into more intelligent areas even if you do not have supporting beams thanks to gypsum walls. No one would ever know the wall is not conventional.


Apparent from the aesthetic benefit we can also gain utility from the use of gypsum. PJ Gypsum designed and installed countless fireplaces and shelving systems all made from gypsum. Extension to the ceiling or a wonderful centre piece in itself.


Fireplaces designed and installed by PJ Gypsum Malta


Condominiums in Malta and Gozo entrusted to our team


Years experience on improving the most important space of your life, your home


Light fixtures that complement striking gypsum designs

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